Pinkapplejam (pinkapplejam) wrote in rocksoc,

Qclub - Friday 26th Aug 2011

Summer's here and the time is right for another night of PsychoCandy!

Qclub, tomorrow night!

~~ Rock, Electro and Pop mixed up to party hard ~~

Join Raggedyman and AppleJam, along with their special guest DJ Satan
(courtesy of RoQ), as they blast away the summertime blues with another
mixed up night of alternative rock, pop, and electro from the wrong side
of town.

There will be two types of Sangria on sale and presents for those who turn up early!

Friday, August 26th at The Q Club Cambridge. £4 entry, £3 conc/flyers

Q Club, 1 Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JB

£3 entry with flyer, including print outs!

Got a track you want to hear? Post it up here!

Hope to see you there :)
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